Class Genus Species No. Strain No.
Bacillariophyceae Ulnaria 
Ulvophyceae Ulothrix 
Prymnesiophyceae Umbilicosphaera 
Cyanophyceae Umezakia 
Trebouxiophyceae Unidentified Oocystaceae 
Ulvophyceae Unidentified Ulvophyceae 
Chlorarachniophyceae Unidentified chlorarachniophyte 
Pelagophyceae Unidentified coccoid pelagophyte 
Prasinophyceae Unidentified coccoid prasinophyte 
Cyanophyceae Unidentified cyanobacterium 
Pedinophyceae Unidentified pedinophyte 
Pelagophyceae Unidentified pelagophyte 
Heterokontophyta incertae sedis Unidentified yellow heterokontophyte 
Cryptophyceae Urgorri 
Chlorophyceae Urnella 
Chrysophyceae Uroglena 
Chlorophyceae Uronema 

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