Class Genus Species No. Strain No.
Bacillariophyceae Tabellaria 
Chlorophyceae Tabris 
Chlorophyceae Tetrabaena 
Chlorophyceae Tetradesmus 
Oligohymenophorea Tetrahymena 
Chlorophyceae Tetranephris 
Prasinophyceae Tetraselmis  14 
Trebouxiophyceae Tetrastrum 
Chlorophyceae TetraĆ«dron 
Bacillariophyceae Thalassionema 
Imbricatea Thaumatomastix 
Dinophyceae Thecadinium 
Cyanophyceae Thermosynechococcus 
Dinophyceae Thoracosphaera 
Florideophyceae Thorea  190 
Dinophyceae Togula 
Cyanophyceae Tolypothrix 
Euglenophyceae Trachelomonas 
Thecofilosea Trachyrhizium 
Trebouxiophyceae Trebouxia  41 
Ulvophyceae Trentepohlia 
Trepomonadea Trepomonas 
Chlorophyceae Treubaria 
Bacillariophyceae Triceratium 
Cyanophyceae Trichodesmium 
Bolidophyceae Triparma 
Charophyceae Triploceras 
Incertae sedis Tsukubamonas 
Cyanophyceae Tychonema 

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