Class Genus Species No. Strain No.
Stylonematophyceae Bangiopsis 
Chlorophyceae Basichlamys 
Mamiellophyceae Bathycoccus 
Florideophyceae Batrachospermum 
Bicoecea Bicosoeca 
Chlorarachniophyceae Bigelowiella 
Ulvophyceae Blidingia 
Kinetoplastea Bodo 
Xanthophyceae Botrydium 
Trebouxiophyceae Botryococcus 
Chlorophyceae Brachiomonas 
Chlorophyceae Bracteacoccus 
Dinophyceae Breviolum 
Rhodellophyceae Bulboplastis 
Xanthophyceae Bumilleriopsis 

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