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Strain number NIES-395  
Phylum Heterokontophyta  
Class Chrysophyceae  
Scientific name Uroglena americana Calkins  
Former name  
Common name  
Locality (Date of collection) Lake Biwa, Shiga, Japan (1978-05-11)  
Latitude / Longitude 35.2852741059 / 136.08878954 
Habitat (Isolation source) Freshwater (Lake water)  
History < Ishida, Yuzaburo  
Isolator (Date of isolation) Ishida, Yuzaburo (1978-05-11)  
Identified by Ishida, Yuzaburo  
State of strain Subculture; Unialgal; Clonal; Non-axenic  
Culture condition
(Preculture condition)
Medium:  URO  
Temperature:  15 C
Light intensity:  20 µmol photons/m2/sec, L/D cycle:  10L:14D
Duration:  1 M  
Gene information  
Cell size (min - max) - 8 μm  
Organization Colonial; Flagellate 
Characteristics Other water bloom ; Phagotrophic  
Other strain no. Other strain no. : Strain 78  
Remarks Unstable; Fragile species to transportation stresses; Read and agree "How to order 4.1" 
Mitani, E., Nakayama, F., Matsuwaki, I., Ichi, I., Kawabata, A., Kawachi, M., Kato, M. 2017 Fatty acid composition profiles of 235 strains of three microalgal divisions within the NIES Microbial Culture Collection. Microb. Resour. Syst., 33, 19-29.
Keywords: Cryptophyta; docosahexaenoic acid; eicosapentaenoic acid; fatty acid; Haptophyta; Heterokontophyta; microalgae
Strain(s): 1891415177111522322523323426527427527627727827928028128228429332332433033334434534634734835035337237738839139540740840941341441746146246648753454855355655755855956056258758858959060360562262369569669769869970070170270370470570670770870971071171271371471571674176576676780583799710011002100310041005100610071009101110161017104410451046104713021303132413271330133913401349135313701375137613791383138413851386138713911392139313951398139914001401169917001730181318151816182618271831186218631864186518741963196419651974197519762142214321442145214721482300233123322351236323642365236923702376250625332534253525362537259026332668268926902691269326942696269727072716271727182720272227232725272627292730273127322770277127722773283928402841284228432844285928722878289028993391368936903691 

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Strain(s): 395 

Kimura, B. & Ishida, Y. 1986 Possible phago-trophic feeding of bacteria in a freshwater red tide Chrysophyceae Uroglena americana. Bull. Jpn. Soc. Sci. Fish., 52, 697-701.
Strain(s): 395 

Kimura, B., Ishida, Y., Kadota, H. 1986 Effect of naturally collected bacteria on growth of Uroglena americana, a freshwater red tide Chrysophyceae. Bull. Jpn. Soc. Sci. Fish., 52, 691-696.
Strain(s): 395 

Ishida, Y. & Kimura, B. 1986 Photosynthetic phagotrophy of Chrysophyceae: evolutionary aspects. Microbiological Sciences, 3, 132-135.
Strain(s): 395 
PubMed: 3153154

Strain(s): 395 

Kimura, B. & Ishida, Y. 1985 Photophago-trophy in Uroglena americana , Chrysophyceae. Jpn. J. Limnol., 46, 315-318.
Strain(s): 395 

Ishida, Y. & MKadota, H. 1983 The so-called freshwater red tide Uroglena americana in Lake Biwa. Seikatsu Eisei, 27, 236-248 (in Japanese).
Strain(s): 395 

Ishida, Y., Kimura, B., Nakahara, H., Kadota, H. 1982 Analysis of major nutrient effecting Uroglena americana bloom in the Northern Lake Biwa, by use of algal bioassay. Bull. Jpn. Soc. Sci. Fish., 48, 1281-1287.
Strain(s): 395 
DOI: 10.2331/suisan.48.1281

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