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Strain number NIES-4391  
Phylum Chromerida  
Class Chromerida  
Scientific name Chromera velia R.B.Moore et al.  
Former name  
Common name  
Locality (Date of collection) Syndey Harbor, New South Wales, Australia (2001-12-07)  
Latitude / Longitude / 151.2789 
Habitat (Isolation source) Marine (Coral (Plesiastrea versipora))  
History < CCAP (2019);  
Isolator (Date of isolation) Moore, Robert B. (2001-12-13)  
Identified by Moore, Robert B.  
State of strain Cryopreservation; Unialgal; Clonal; Non-axenic  
Culture condition
(Preculture condition)
Medium:  f/2  
Temperature:  20 C
Light intensity:  21-31 µmol photons/m2/sec, L/D cycle:  10L:14D
Duration:  1 M  
Gene information Whole-genome ( ARZB00000000 ) , Plastid DNA ( HM222967 )  
Cell size (min - max) 2 - 4 μm  
Organization Unicellular; Coccoid; Unflagellated 
Characteristics Authentic strain (Moore et al. 2008)  
Other strain no. Other collection strain no. : CCAP 1602/1; CCMP2878
Other strain no. : RM12; nQAIF136  
Remarks Cryopreserved 
Hamana, K., Furuchi, T., Hayashi, H., Niitsu, M. 2022 Additional polyamine analysis of algal chlorarachniophytes, euglenophytes, haptophytes, cryptophytes, dinoflagellates, chromerids and heterokontophytes. —Polyamine analysis of algae IV— Microb. Resour. Syst., 38, 51-62.
Keywords: alga; chlorarachniophyte; chromerid; dinoflagellate; polyamine
Strain(s): 124748253274276277282286304331381387463623624699706715741144321452146214923512433253525842588263526772716272828603576374540604109428043914392 

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Keywords: Vitrella brassicaformis; Toxoplasma gondii; glyoxylate cycle; diagnostic peroxins; catalase; phylogeny
Strain(s): 4391 
PubMed: 29202176
DOI: 10.1093/gbe/evx250

Dorrell, R. G., Drew, J., Nisbet, R. E., Howe, C. J. 2014 Evolution of chloroplast transcript processing in Plasmodium and its chromerid algal relatives. PLoS Genet., 10, e1004008 (article ID).
Strain(s): 4391 
PubMed: 24453981
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pgen.1004008

Petersen, J., Ludewig, A. K., Michael, V., Bunk, B., Jarek, M., Baurain, D., Brinkmann, H. 2014 Chromera velia, endosymbioses and the rhodoplex hypothesis--plastid evolution in cryptophytes, alveolates, stramenopiles, and haptophytes (CASH lineages). Genome Biol. Evol., 6, 666-684.
Keywords: next-generation sequencing; eukaryote-to-eukaryote endosymbioses; horizontal and endosymbiotic gene transfer; chromalveolate hypothesis; long-branch attraction artifacts
Strain(s): 4391 
PubMed: 24572015
DOI: 10.1093/gbe/evu043

Oborník, M., Vancová, M., Lai, D. H., Janouškovec, J., Keeling, P. J., Lukeš, J. 2011 Morphology and ultrastructure of multiple life cycle stages of the photosynthetic relative of apicomplexa, Chromera velia. Protist, 162, 115-130.
Strain(s): 4391 
PubMed: 20643580
DOI: 10.1016/j.protis.2010.02.004

Janouskovec, J., Horák, A., Oborník, M., Lukes, J., Keeling, P. J. 2010 A common red algal origin of the apicomplexan, dinoflagellate, and heterokont plastids. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., , 10949-10954.
Keywords: Apicomplexa: Chromera velia: CCMP3155: plastid evolution: chloroplast genome
Strain(s): 4391 
PubMed: 20534454
DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1003335107

Moore, R. B., Oborník, M., Janouskovec, J., Chrudimský, T., Vancová, M., Green, D. H., Wright, S. W., Davies, N. W., Bolch, C. J., Heimann, K., Slapeta, J., Hoegh-Guldberg, O., Logsdon, J. M., Carter, D. A. 2008 A photosynthetic alveolate closely related to apicomplexan parasites. Nature, 451, 959-963.
Strain(s): 4391 
PubMed: 18288187
DOI: 10.1038/nature06635

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