Strain number NIES-2886  
Phylum Cyanophyta  
Class Cyanophyceae  
Scientific name Prochlorococcus sp.  
Former name  
Common name Blue-green alga ; Cyanobacteria ; Picoplankton  
Locality (Date of collection) Pacific Ocean (West Pacific),  
Latitude / Longitude  
Habitat (Isolation source) Marine (Seawater)  
History < RCC (2013);  
Isolator (Date of isolation)  
Identified by  
State of strain Cryopreservation; Unialgal; Non-clonal; Non-axenic  
Culture condition
(Preculture condition)
Medium:  PRO-99  
Temperature:  20 C
Light intensity:  18-21 µmol photons/m2/sec, L/D cycle:  10L:14D
Duration:  21 D  
Gene information  
Cell size (min - max) - 1 μm  
Organization Unicellular; Non-flagellate 
Characteristics Picoplankton ; Clade: High Light - HLII  
Other strain no. Other collection strain no. : RCC296
Other strain no. : GP2  
Remarks Cryopreserved; Unstable 
Stawiarski, B., Buitenhuis, ET., Le Quéré, C. 2016 The physiological response of picophytoplankton to temperature and its model representation. Front. Mar. Sci., 3, 164 (article ID).
Strain(s): 258826932886 
DOI: 10.3389/fmars.2016.00164

Shimada, A., Maruyama, T., Miyachi, S. 1996 Vertical distributions and photosynthetic action spectra of two oceanic picophytoplankters, Prochlorococcus marinus and Synechococcus sp.. Mar. Biol., 127, 15-23.
Strain(s): 28842886 
DOI: 10.1007/BF00993639

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