Strain number NIES-2150  
Phylum Chlorophyta  
Class Trebouxiophyceae  
Scientific name Pseudochlorella pringsheimii (Shihar & Krauss) Darienko, Gustavs, Mudimu, Menendez, Schumann, Karsten, Friedl & Proschold  
Former name Formerly identified as 'Chlorella ellipsoidea', re-identified at NIES by DNA analysis (ref. Darienko et al. 2010)[2017 Jun]  
Common name Green alga  
Locality (Date of collection)  
Latitude / Longitude  
Habitat (Isolation source)  
History < IAM (2007) < UTEX (1989);  
Isolator (Date of isolation) Pringsheim, E. G.  
Identified by Pringsheim, E. G.  
State of strain Cryopreservation; Unialgal; Clonal; Axenic  
Culture condition
(Preculture condition)
Medium:  C (agar)  
Temperature:  20 C
Light intensity:  8-15 µmol photons/m2/sec, L/D cycle:  10L:14D
Duration:  3 M  
Gene information 18S rRNA ( AB488583 )  
Cell size (min - max)  
Organization Unicellular 
Other strain no. Other collection strain no. : IAM C-542 (=C-87); ATCC 30404; CCAP 211/1A; SAG 211-1a; UTEX 20
Remarks Cryopreserved; Axenic 
Widyaningrum, D., Iida, D., Tanabe, Y., Hayashi, Y., Kurniasih, S. D., Ohama, T. 2019 Acutely induced cell mortality in the unicellular green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii (Chlorophyceae) following exposure to acrylic resin nanoparticles. J. Phycol., 55, 118-133.
Keywords: abnormal swimming behavior; cell mortality; cell wall damage; Chlamydomonas rein-hardtii; poly(isobutyl-cyanoacrylate) nanoparticles; ROS
Strain(s): 3514436241842143243845654557173273785810221048184821502169220122022208220922122280235224622578 
PubMed: 30304548
DOI: 10.1111/jpy.12798

Zahradníková, M. 2017 Taxonomy and phylogeny of the family Fuscideaceae (Umbilicariales, Ascomycota) with special emphasis on Fuscidea. PhD thesis, University of Bergen, Norway, 196 pp.
Strain(s): 640215023422352 

Kim, B.-H., Ramanan, R., Kang, Z., Cho, D.-H., Oh, H.-M., Kim, H.-S. 2016 Chlorella sorokiniana HS1, a novel freshwater green algal strain, grows and hyperaccumulates lipid droplets in seawater salinity. Biomass Bioenerg., 85, 300-305.
Keywords: Chlorella; Salt stress; Green algae; Lipid droplets; Biodiesel; Commercialization
Strain(s): 2150 
DOI: 10.1016/j.biombioe.2015.12.026

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PubMed: 24346654
DOI: 10.1007/s10265-013-0596-9

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Keywords: chemotaxonomy; Chlorella; Chlorophyta; UTEX culture collection; utilization for research and biotechnology
Strain(s): 6866872150215121602163216921752176 
DOI: 10.1111/j.0022-3646.1992.00550.x

Takeda, H. 1988 Classification of Chlorella strains by cell wall sugar composition. Phytochemistry, 27, 3823-3826.
Keywords: Chlorella ellipsoidea; C. fusca; C. kessleri; C. saccharophila; C. sorokiniana; C. vulgaris; Chlorophyta; anisotropy; cell wall sugar composition; chemotaxonomy; Ruthenium Red staining
Strain(s): 226215021602170 
DOI: 10.1016/0031-9422(88)83025-5

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Keywords: Amino acid transport; induction by glucose; Chlorella; classification
Strain(s): 6872150 
DOI: 10.1111/j.1438-8677.1988.tb00051.x

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