Strain number NIES-1463  
Phylum Rhodophyta  
Class Compsopogonophyceae  
Scientific name Compsopogonopsis japonica Chihara  
Former name  
Common name Red alga  
Locality (Date of collection) Ishigaki Isl., Okinawa, Japan (2001-10-09)  
Latitude / Longitude 24.432862 / 124.205447 
Habitat (Isolation source) Freshwater  
History < Kawachi, Masanobu  
Isolator (Date of isolation) Iwaki, Hiroyuki (2001-10-18)  
Identified by Kumano, Shigeru  
State of strain Subculture; Unialgal; Clonal; Non-axenic  
Culture condition
(Preculture condition)
Medium:  Bold 3NC  
Temperature:  20 C
Light intensity:  3-12 µmol photons/m2/sec, L/D cycle:  10L:14D
Duration:  1 M  
Gene information  
Cell size (min - max)  
Characteristics Benthic ; Epilithic ; CR+EN  
Other strain no. Other strain no. : ISI-1  
Hamana, K. & Niitsu, M. 2006 Cellular polyamines of lower eukaryotes belonging to the phyla Glaucophyta, Rhodophyta, Cryptophyta, Haptophyta and Percolozoa. J. Gen. Appl. Microbiol., 52, 235-240.
Keywords: Cryptophyta; Glaucophyta; Haptophyta; Perclozoa; polyamine; Rhodophyta
Strain(s): 82742762772823533886997067157417637641016101710321036133214411456145714621463146714733377 
PubMed: 17116972
DOI: 10.2323/jgam.52.235

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