Strain number NIES-298  
Phylum Cyanophyta  
Class Cyanophyceae  
Scientific name Microcystis aeruginosa (Kützing) Lemmermann  
Synonym Microcystis ichthyoblabe Kützing; Microcystis novacekii (Komárek) Compère; Microcystis viridis (A.Brown) Lemmermann; Microcystis wesenbergii Komárek  
Former name Microcystis aeruginosa (Kützing) Lemmermann f. aeruginosa  
Common name Blue-green alga ; Cyanobacteria  
Locality (Date of collection) Lake Kasumigaura, Ibaraki, Japan (1982-09-16)  
Latitude / Longitude 36.0428477398 / 140.373233439 
Habitat (Isolation source) Freshwater  
History < TAC;  
Isolator (Date of isolation) Watanabe, Masayuki (1982-09-18)  
Identified by  
State of strain Cryopreservation; Unialgal; Clonal; Axenic  
Culture condition
(Preculture condition)
Medium:  MACB  
Temperature:  25 C
Light intensity:  20-30 µmol photons/m2/sec, L/D cycle:  10L:14D
Duration:  20 D  
Gene information Whole-genome ( AJUU00000000 ) , 16S rRNA ( AB023261 FJ461749 ) , 16S-23S-ITS ( AB254442 AM773522 ) , ITS ( AB254442 ) , aerA ( AM773663 ) , cas2 ( AB644437 ) , clpB ( EU369667 ) , dnaJ ( EU369661 ) , DnaK ( EU369665 ) , dnaK1 ( EU369663 ) , dnaK3 ( EU369664 ) , FtsQ-FtsZ ( AB205180 ) , ftsZ ( AB324909 ) , glnA ( AB324988 ) , gltX ( AB325067 ) , groEL ( EU369662 ) , groES ( EU369657 ) , grpE ( EU369660 ) , gyrB ( AB325146 ) , hrcA ( EU369668 ) , hsp20-1 ( EU369658 ) , hsp90 ( EU369666 ) , mcaA ( AM774406 ) , mcnC-mcnE ( AM773670 ) , mcyA ( AB092804 ) , mcyA-mcyD ( AB254427 ) , mcyB ( AB092806 ) , mcyD ( AB444744 ) , mcyG ( AB444785 ) , mcyJ ( AB444826 ) , mdnA ( AM943877 ) , pgi ( AB325225 ) , recA ( AB325304 ) , rpoB ( HM991461 ) , rpoC1 ( AB333819 ) , tpi ( AB325383 )  
Cell size (min - max) - 5 μm  
Characteristics Cyanobacterial water bloom (aoko) ; Toxicity ; microcystin (+) (Tanabe et al. 2009b) ; ST60 (Tanabe et al. 2007) ; Draft genome sequence (Rhee et al. 2012)  
Other strain no. Other strain no. : TAC 47 (K-TAN-47)  
Remarks Cryopreserved; Axenic; Toxicity; Unstable 
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