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In case of "fragile species to transportation stresses", make sure to read and agree "How to order 4.1". Click here for a direct link.

For USA customers

The NIES-Microbial Culture Collection being a national institution of Japan does not fall under the requirement to fill the form W-8
( Certificate of Foreign status of beneficial owner for United States Tax Withholding ). Please, make sure with your own administration that the payment procedure can be done without the form W-8.


  Universities, public institutions Companies, commercial organizations Additional fees
About 10 mL aliquot of
culture strain
10,000 JPY 20,000 JPY Shipping cost
Sales tax (10%) only for domestic order,
Bank transfer fee under your charge

International order from overseas: shipping cost will be charged in addition to the strain price.
Domestic order in Japan: the sales tax (10%) and shipping cost will be charged in addition to the strain price.

For the international order, we require payment in advance and recommend you to pay by credit card. Once we receive two original copies, we will inform payment procedures including approximate shipping date by e-mail. Please also note that we accept Japanese Yen only. If you would like to pay by bank transfer, please contact us. Charge for bank transfer should be made at the user´s expenses.

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