1. Order

Q. How can I order microalgal strain(s)?

By using the [Strain list - Alphabetical index-], the [Strain list - Systematic index-] or the [Search strain data], search the strain(s) you need, and click "Add to Cart" button. If for one species, there are several strains, check the details of each of them to make your selection (axenic, already referenced in published papers, original locality…). Check also the remarks regarding the strain behavior during transportation. In case of species that are fragile or does not behave well under transportation stresses (full darkness, shocks, temperature shifts) it might be difficult to get the strain in healthy condition.
Once you have selected the strain(s) you wish, clik "View Cart button" and follow the instructions for ordering (you will have to fill an ordering form in double and send them by post to our collection).

Q. I cannot find a species that I already ordered in the past!

There are several possibilities to explain why you cannot find a species name:

  • Taxonomic revision happened and the name changed, please, use recent taxonomic name or refer to the NIES serial number of the strain since this number once allocated never change.
  • Right now, this species is in poor growth condition and is not available for ordering, though the collection still holds it.
  • The strain of this species was lost (some strain cannot be kept for long in “artificial environment” and unfortunately die).

In all cases, you can contact us by email to make sure of the present status of the strain you are looking for.

Q. How can I get this form the "Ordering form and agreement for distribution" ?

This form is available from our website. Please download it, print it in double, fill it and after hand signature, send us the two series of the form by post office. Order from homepage with cart allows us to get your request; but due to administrative constraints we need hard papers with hand signature in double to be able to send you the strain(s).

Q. Can I scan the "Ordering form and agreement for distribution" with my hand signature apposed and send it as an electronic edition to you by E-mail?

We are very sorry but we cannot accept PDF or scanned ordering form. We absolutely need “hard paper with original hand signature” prepared in double to be able to complete your order and send you the strain(s).
Make sure to send us the forms quickly to avoid extra delay in the shipping of your order, and thank you for your cooperation.

Q. Can you give me an estimation of the final fee of my order?

Yes, we can give you an estimation of the fee, please contact us by email. Also, from our homepage, you can check the price for one culture and approximate price for the shipping according to the service used and destination.

2. Shipping

Q. When my order will be delivered?

There are several factors about the delay for delivery:

  • In case of cryopreserved strains, we first recover the strain to normal growth and this process takes time and fluctuates according to each strain.
  • Slow growing strain may need time to reach a sufficiently dense population prior to shipping.
  • Agreement forms are not yet received and we cannot proceed to your order.

If you wish a specific timing of delivery, please contact us by email.
In all cases, at the time we send the parcel to you, we will send you a message with the shipping date and the parcel track system if available.

Q. Could you tell me the tracking number for my parcel?

Yes, as soon as your parcel is sent we contact you by email with the parcel shipping date and its tracking number.

Q. My parcel is stopped by the Customs. What should I do?

If you can have a direct contact with the customs services, please, inform them that the parcel contains pure microalgal strain which is harmless

3. Payment

Q. Please indicate about the payment method to purchase the strain(s).

The payment can be done by credit card or bank transfer. We will send you a payment form for credit card by e-mail, once we received two copies of your ordering form with your signature. If you wish payment by bank transfer, please contact us by email.

4. Deposition

Q. How much does it cost?

Deposition of a strain is free of charge. However, you should cover the shipping fee to send us your strain.

Q. Can I join my culture together with the two original copies of "Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form"?

Please, don’t send your culture at the time to send the deposition forms. Indeed, we first have to examine your case and make sure that we can accept your culture. It is only once you will receive the agreement for deposition, that you can send us your culture.

Q. Do you accept the deposition of type specimen?

Yes, we accept type specimen deposition after examination of each specific case. Please, contact us by email.