AOACC Compiled Strain List

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  An AOACC Strain List can be downloaded here as a Microsoft Excel formatted preadsheet or PDF (PDF; sorted by species name). The list presents strain holdings of a number of AOACC member collections. The data presented includes basic taxonomy, source location and isolation details, basic culturing conditions and culture status.

  Users are advised that unless searching on known codes, searching or filtering the list is best achieved on the Species Name field.

  The different collections may employ different taxonomies, generally at class level, and this is reflectd in the list. Users wanting higher taxonomy information are directed to

At present the list includes 5030 strains maintained in
  ANACC: Australian National Algae Culture Collection
  FACHB: Freshwater Algae Culture Collection of the Institute of
     Hydrobiology, China
  KCTC: Korean Collection for Type Cultures
  NIES: Microbial Culture Collection, National Institute for Environmental
     Studies, Japan
  TISTR: Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research,