AOACC Background

  The Network of Asia Oceania Culture Collections started from a round table session of Algal Culture Collections held as part of the 10th International Congress of Culture Collections, Tsukuba, Japan in October 2004. The objectives of the round table session were to determine the support of member countries for constructing a network of algal culture collections in the Asia Oceania region. The session comprised a report on the status of algal culture collections from each member country and a discussion on the rationale for member composition and management of a network. The strong support for a network by participants led to the submission of a resolution to the World Federation of Culture Collections (WFCC) that an algal culture collection network for Asia Oceania should be established.

  The first meeting of AOACC and a Mini-symposium was held as part of the Fourth Asian Pacific Phycological Forum (APPF) in November, 2005 at RAMA Gardens Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. Oral and poster presentations from collections from 16 AOACC members representing culture collections in Australia, China, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Thailand, and Vietnam were presented. (Program and abstracts; PDF)

A meeting of AOACC participants attending the Fifth APPF was held in Wellington, New Zealand in November 2008. AOACC Culture Collection poster presentations were made. (Abstracts; PDF)

"Algae Culture Collections and the Environment", is available from Dr. Kasai.