AOACC Activities and Outputs

Planned activities and outputs of AOACC are:

  • Establish a database of strains held in algal culture collections in Asia Oceania (format to be in line with international standards of data management for culture collections / Biological Resource Centres proposed by OECD's Best Practice Guidelines for Biological Resource Centres)
  • Convene regular meetings of the members of the network
  • Conduct workshops / training workshops to develop skills needed within algal culture collections and by other algal researchers
  • Facilitate national and regional research initiatives in Asia Oceania on:-
      - Algal biodiversity
      - Environmentally important algae, for example harmful algal bloom forming algae
      - Economically important algae, for example for biofuels, aquaculture and nutraceuticals
  • Establish and maintain linkages with other regional and international networks