1. Reference list published in 2021

Reference Strain (s)
Agarkova, I. V., Lane, L. C., Dunigan, D. D., Quispe, C. F., Duncan, G. A., Milrot, E., Minsky, A., Esmael, A., Ghosh, J. F., Van Etten, J. L.  2021  Identification of a chlorovirus PBCV-1 protein involved in degrading the host cell wall during virus infection.  Viruses-Basel, 13, 782 (article ID). Chlorella variabilis NIES-2540, NIES-2541
Águila, B., Alcántara-Hernández, R. J., Montejano, G., López-Martínez, R., Falcón, L. I., Becerra-Absalón, I.  2021  Cyanobacteria in microbialites of Alchichica Crater Lake: a polyphasic characterization.  Eur. J. Phycol. Chroococcidium sp. NIES-4398,
Myxosarcina sp. NIES-4397,
Nodosilinea sp. NIES-4394 more
Aoi, J., Sasaki, D., Asayama, M.  2021  Development of a method for phycocyanin recovery from filamentous cyanobacteria and evaluation of its stability and antioxidant capacity.  BMC Biotechnol., 21, 40 (article ID). Arthrospira platensis NIES-39
Arii, S., Yamashita, R., Tsuji, K., Tomita, K., Hasegawa, M., Bober, B., Harada, K.  2021  Differences in susceptibility of cyanobacteria species to lytic volatile organic compounds and influence on seasonal succession.  Chemosphere, 284, 131378 (article ID). Aphanizomenon flos-aquae NIES-1728,
Dolichospermum affine NIES-1642,
D. crassum NIES-1652,
Bhattad, T., Koradiya, A., Prakash, G.  2021  Prebiotic activity of paramylon isolated from heterotrophically grown Euglena gracilis.  Heliyon Euglena gracilis NIES-48
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Oscillatoria laetevirens NIES-31
Cho, S. J., Sung, Y. J., Lee, J. S., Yu, B. S., Sim, S. J.  2021  Robust cyst germination induction in Haematococcus pluvialis to enhance astaxanthin productivity in a semi-continuous outdoor culture system using power plant flue gas.  Bioresour. Technol., 338, 125533 (article ID). Haematococcus lacustris NIES-144
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Gu, Y., Tobino, T., Nakajima, F.  2021  Determining the relative importance of dietborne and waterborne toxicity of 4-tert-butylphenol and 4-tert-octylphenol to the benthic crustacean, Heterocypris incongruens.  Environ. Sci. Technol., 55, 7939–7948. Chlorella vulgaris NIES-2170,
Closterium acerosum NIES-124,
Desmodesmus subspicatus NIES-797,
Scenedesmus acutus NIES-94
Harada, N., Hirose, Y., Chihong, S., Kurita, H., Sato, M., Onodera, J., Murata, K., Itoh, F.  2021  A novel characteristic of a phytoplankton as a potential source of straight-chain alkanes.  Sci Rep, 11, 14190 (article ID). Emiliania huxleyi NIES-3367,
Dicrateria rotunda NIES-1001, NIES-2779, NIES-2780
Jiang, M., Nakano, S.  2021  Application of image analysis for algal biomass quantifcation: a low‑cost and non‑destructive method based on HSI color space.  J. Appl. Phycol. Aulacoseira granulata NIES-333,
Chlorella vulgaris NIES-2172
Kato, S., Nam, H. G.  2021  The cell division cycle of Euglena gracilis indicates that the level of circadian plasticity to the external light regime changes in prolonged-stationary cultures.  Plants-Basel, 10, 1475 (article ID). Euglena gracilis NIES-48
Li, B., Li, J., An, G., Zhao, C., Wang, C.  2021  Long-term and strong suppression against Microcystis growth and microcystin-release by luteolin continuous-release microsphere: Optimal construction, characterization, effects and proteomic mechanisms.  Water Res., 202, 117448 (article ID). Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-102,  NIES-298
Makita, Y., et al.  2021  Identification of a dual orange/far-red and blue light photoreceptor from an oceanic green picoplankton.  Nat. Commun., 12, 3593 (article ID). Pycnococcus provasolii NIES-2893
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Mizukami-Murata, S., Suzuki, Y., Sakurai, K., Yamashita, H.  2021  Freshwater alga Raphidocelis subcapitata undergoes metabolomic changes in response to electrostatic adhesion by micrometer-sized nylon 6 particles.  Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. Raphidocelis subcapitata NIES-35
Nagao, R., Yokono, M., Kato, K., Ueno, Y., Shen, J.-R., Akimoto, S.  2021  High‑light modifcation of excitation‑energy‑relaxation processes in the green fagellate Euglena gracilis.  Photosynth. Res. Euglena gracilis NIES-48
Phan,C.-S., Matsuda, K., Balloo, N., Fujita, K., Wakimoto, T., Okino, T.  2021  Argicyclamides A–C Unveil Enzymatic Basis for Guanidine Bis-prenylation  J. Am. Chem. Soc. Microcystis aeruginosa NIES-88
Rubiyatno, R., Mori, K., Inoue, D., Kim, S., Yu, J., Lee, T., Ike, M., Toyama, T.  2021  Isolation and characterization of Euglena gracilis-associated bacteria, Enterobacter sp. CA3 and Emticicia sp. CN5, capable of promoting the growth and paramylon production of E. gracilis under mixotrophic cultivation.  Microorganisms, 9, 1496 (article ID). Euglena gracilis NIES-48
Russell, S., Jackson, C., Reyes-Prieto, A.  2021  High sequence divergence but limited architectural rearrangements in organelle genomes of Cyanophora (Glaucophyta) species.  J. Eukaryot. Microbiol., 68, e12831 (article ID). Cyanophora paradoxa NIES-763,
Cyanophora sudae NIES-764
Shibata, A., Takahashi, F., Imamura, N., Kasahara, M.  2021  Characteristics of maltose transport system in the endosymbiont Chlorella variabilis of Paramecium bursaria.  Phycol. Res. Chlorella vulgaris NIES-227
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Colemanosphaera charkowiensis NIES-3383,
Eudorina elegans NIES-456
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Toyoshima, H., Miyata, A., Yoshida, R., Ishige, T., Takaichi, S., Kawasaki, S.  2021  Distribution of the water-soluble astaxanthin binding carotenoprotein (AstaP) in Scenedesmaceae.  Mar. Drugs, 19, 349 (article ID). Chlamydomonas reinhardtii NIES-2238,
Chlorella variabilis NIES-2540
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Yamamoto, K., Hamaji, T., Kawai-Toyooka, H., Matsuzaki, R., Takahashi, F., Nishimura, Y., Kawachi, M., Noguchi, H., Minakuchi, YY., Umen, J. G., Toyoda, A., Nozaki, H.  2021  Three genomes in the algal genus Volvox reveal the fate of a haploid sex-determining region after a transition to homothallism.  Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U. S. A., 118, e2100712118 (article ID). Volvox africanus NIES-3780, NIES-3784,
V. reticuliferus NIES-3781, NIES-3782, NIES-3783,NIES-3785, NIES-3786
Al-Azab, A. J. S., Widyaningrum, D., Hirakawa, H., Hayashi, Y., Tanaka, S., Ohama, T.  2021  A resin cyanoacrylate nanoparticle as an acute cell death inducer to broad spectrum of microalgae.  Algal Res., 54, 102191 (article ID). Amphidinium carterae NIES-331,
Calyptrosphaera sphaeroidea NIES-1308,
Chattonella marina var. antiqua NIES-1,
Aso, M., Matsumae, R., Tanaka, A., Tanaka, R., Takabayashi, A.  2021  Unique peripheral antennas in the photosystems of the streptophyte alga Mesostigma viride.  Plant Cell Physiol. Mesostigma viride NIES-296
Barcytė, D., Eikrem, W., Engesmo, A., Seoane, S., Wohlmann, J., Horák, A., Yurchenko, T., Eliáš, M.  2021  Olisthodiscus represents a new class of Ochrophyta.  J. Phycol. Olisthodiscus tomasii NIES-15
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Pterosperma cristatum NIES-626,
Pyramimonas parkeae NIES-254
Cho, Y., Hidema, S., Omura, T., Koike, K., Koike, K., Oikawa, H., Konoki, K., Oshima, Y., Yotsu-Yamashita, M.  2021  SxtA localizes to chloroplasts and changes to its 3′UTR may reduce toxin biosynthesis in non-toxic Alexandrium catenella (Group I).  Harmful Algae, , 101972 (article ID). Alexandrium insuetum NIES-678
Delrue, F., Cerqueira, M. R. D., Compadre, A., Alvarez, P., Fleury, G., Escoffier, C., Sassi, J. F.  2021  Hydroponic farm wastewater treatment using an indigenous consortium.  Processes, 9, 519 (article ID). Chlorella vulgaris NIES-227,
Parachlorella kessleri NIES-2152
Fitriana, H.-N., Lee, S.-Y., Choi, S.-A., Lee, J.-Y., Kim, B.-L., Lee, J.-S., Oh, Y.-K.  2021  Electric stimulation of astaxanthin biosynthesis in Haematococcus pluvialis.  Appl. Sci., 11, 3384 (article ID). Haematococcus lacustris NIES-144
Fritzsche, S., Blenk, P., Christian, J., Castiglione, K., Becke,r A. M.  2021  Inhibitory properties of microalgal extracts on the in vitro replication of cyprinid herpesvirus 3.  bioRXiv Arthrospira platensis NIES-39
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Haraguchi, Y., Shimizu, T.  2021  Three-dimensional tissue fabrication system by co-culture of microalgae and animal cells for production of thicker and healthy cultured food.  Biotechnol. Lett. Chlorella vulgaris NIES-2170
Hoshina, R., Tsukii, Y., Harumoto, T., Suzaki, T.  2021  Characterization of a green Stentor with symbiotic algae growing in an extremely oligotrophic environment and storing large amounts of starch granules in its cytoplasm.  Sci Rep, 11, 2865 (article ID). Chlorogonium capillatum NIES-3374
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Jeong, S.-Y., Son, H.-J.  2021  Effects of mycosubtilin homolog algicides from a marine bacterium, Bacillus sp. SY-1, against the harmful algal bloom species Cochlodinium polykrikoides.  J. Microbiol., 59, 389-400. Anabaena variabilis NIES-23,
Chlamydomonas tetragama NIES-446,
Chlorella vulgaris var. vulgaris NIES-227 more
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Chlamydomonas asymmetrica NIES-2207,
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Graesiella emersonii NIES-2151,
Parachlorella kessleri NIES-2159
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Nitella flexilis NIES-1611,
Nitellopsis obtusa NIES-1638
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van Zee, M., de Rutte, J., Rumyan, R., Williamson, C., Burnes, T., Radakovits, R., Eugenio, A. S., Badih, S., Lee, D.-H., Archang, M., Di Carlo D.  2021  High-throughput selection of microalgae based on biomass accumulation rates in production environments using PicoShell Particles.  bioRXiv Euglena gracilis NIES-48
Wan, J.-K., Chu, W.-L., Kok, Y.-Y., Lee, C.-S.  2021  Influence of polystyrene microplastic and nanoplastic on copper toxicity in two freshwater microalgae.  Environ. Sci. Pollut. Res. Raphidocelis subcapitata NIES-35
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Pelatocladus sp. NIES-4106
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2. Reference list published in 2020

Reference Strain (s)
Azaman, S. N. A., Wong, D. C. J., Tan, S. W., Yusoff, F. M., Nagao, N., Yeap, S. K.  2020  De novo transcriptome analysis of Chlorella sorokiniana: effect of glucose assimilation, and moderate light intensity.  Sci Rep, 10, 17331 (article ID). Chlorella sorokiniana NIES-2168
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Leptolyngbya boryana NIES-2135
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Pseudanabaena foetida var. intermedia NIES-512,
Pseudanabaena yagii NIES-4237, NIES-4238
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Cyanidioschyzon merolae NIES-3377
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Microchloropsis gaditana NIES-2587,
Vacuoliviride crystalliferum NIES-2860
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Thermosynechococcus vulcanus NIES-2134
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