1. Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form

[ Strain Deposit Request and Agreement Form (PDF / Word) ]

2. Ordering form and agreement for distribution

[ For general (PDF / Word) ]
[ For NIES staff (PDF / Word) ]
[ For guest researchers and collaborators (PDF / Word) ]

3. Strain Receipt Form

[ Strain Receipt Form (PDF / Word) ]

4. NIES-Collection List of Strains, 9th Edition (2013)

We have just published ‘NIES-Collection, List of Strains, 9th Edition.’
The ninth edition is for the first time provided in PDF format on the DVD. In addition to information for each individual strain; recipes for different media; and culturing methods, the DVD also includes images and videos of a number of strains; and video of the procedures, etc. undertaken at MCC-NIES. Please request to the e-mail address of the NIES-Collection if you are interested in the DVD.

All pages (PDF 4.8MB) ] [ List of strains' pages (PDF 2.8MB) ]

5. NIES-Collection List of Strains, 8th Edition (2009)

We published ‘NIES-Collection, List of Strains, 8th Edition.’
Our list is now out of print but you can access to the on-line version with continuous updates.


6. NIES-Collection List of Strains, 7th Edition (2004)

All pages (PDF 4.5MB) ] [ List of strains' pages (PDF 3.5MB) ]
[ Others pages (PDF 2.8MB) ]