Strain number NIES-2138  
Phylum Rhodophyta  
Class Porphyridiophyceae  
Scientific name Porphyridium purpureum (Bory) Drew & Ross  
Synonym Porphyridium cruentum (Agardh) Nägeli  
Former name  
Common name Red alga  
Locality (Date of collection) Takesako Hot Spring Kagoshima Kagoshima Japan  
Latitude / Longitude  
Habitat (Isolation source) Hot spring  
History < IAM (2007) < Fujita, Yoshihiko; Nozawa, Koji  
Isolator (Date of isolation) Nozawa, Koji (1958-**-**)  
Identified by Nozawa, Koji  
State of strain Cryopreservation; Unialgal; Clonal; Non-axenic  
Culture condition
(Preculture condition)
Medium:  ESM  
Temperature:  20 C
Light intensity:  13-18 µmol photons/m2/sec, L/D cycle:  10L:14D
Duration:  3 M  
Gene information  
Cell size (min - max)  
Organization Unicellular 
Characteristics Color: reddish ; Floridean starch (Shimonaga, T. et al. 2007)  
Other strain no. Other collection strain no. : IAM R-1
Remarks Cryopreserved 
Takaichi, S., Yokoyama, A., Mochimaru, M., Uchida, H., Murakami, A. 2016 Carotenogenesis diversification in phylogenetic lineages of Rhodophyta. J. Phycol., 52, 329-338.
Keywords: alloxanthin; antheraxanthin; carotenogenesis; carotenoid; Cryptophyta; Glaucophyta; lutein; red algae; Rhodophyta; Zeaxanthin
Strain(s): 697700705133221372138 
PubMed: 27273528
DOI: 10.1111/jpy.12411

Yokono, M., Murakami, A., Akimoto, S. 2011 Excitation energy transfer between photosystem II and photosystem I in red algae: larger amounts of phycobilisome enhance spillover. Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1807, 847-853.
Keywords: spillover; red algae; delayed fluorescence; phycobilisome; red chlorophyll
Strain(s): 2138 

Shimonaga, T., Konishi, M., Oyama, Y., Fujiwara, S., Satoh, A., Fujita, N., Colleoni, C., Buléon, A., Putaux, J.-L., Ball, S. G., Yokoyma, A., Hara, Y., Nakamura, Y., Tsuzuki, M. 2008 Variation in Storage α-polyglucans of the Porphyridiales (Rhodophyta). Plant Cell Physiol., 49, 103-116.
Keywords: Amylose; Floridean starch; Glycogen; Porphyridiales; Rhodophyta; Semi-amylopection
Strain(s): 181445305512138216022582280 

Shimonaga, T., Fujiwara, S., Kaneko, M., Izumo, A., Nihei, S., Francisco, P. B., Satoh, A., Fujita, Naoko., Nakamura, Y., Tsuzuki, M. 2007 Variation in Storage α-polyglucans of red algae: Amylose and semi-amylopectin types in Porphyridium and goycogen type in Cyanidium. Mar. Biotechnol., 9, 192-202.
Keywords: Amylose; glycogen; granule-bound starch synthase; red algae; semi-amylopection
Strain(s): 5512138 

Lee, T.-Y., Gotoh, N., Niki, E., Yokoyama, K., Tsuzuki, M., Kakeuchi, T., Karube, I. 1995 Chemilluminescence detection of red tide phytoplankton Chattonella marina. Anal. Chem., 67, 225-228.
Strain(s): 2138 

Kashino, Y., Enami, I., Satoh, K., Katoh, S. 1990 Immunological cross-reactivity among corresponding proteins of photosystems I and II from widely divergent photosynthetic organisms. Plant Cell Physiol., 31, 479-488.
Keywords: antiserum; cross-reactivity; immunoblotting; photosystem; protein
Strain(s): 209321382235 

Tsuzuki, M., Ohnuma, E., Sato, N., Takaku, T., Kawaguchi, A. 1990 Effects of CO2 concentration during growth on fatty acid composition in microalgae. Plant Physiol., 93, 851-856.
Strain(s): 482093213821602235 

Shimogawara, K., Muto, S. 1989 Heat shock induced change in protein ubiquitination in Chlamydomonas. Plant Cell Physiol., 30, 9-16.
Keywords: ATP-dependent proteolytic system; Chlamydomonas; heat shock response; protein degradation; ubiquitin
Strain(s): 21382236 

Tsuzuki, M., Miyachi, S. 1989 The function of carbonic anhydrase in aquatic photosynthesis. Aquatic Botany, 34, 85-104.
Strain(s): 20932138216021732235 

Yagawa, Y., Muto, S., Miyachi, S. 1987 Carbonic anhydrase of a unicellular red alga Porphyridium cruentum R-1. I. Purification and properties of the enzyme. Plant Cell Physiol., 28, 1253-1262.
Keywords: carbonic anhydrase; chloride ion-activation; Porphyridium cruentum
Strain(s): 2138 

Yagawa, Y., Muto, S., Miyachi, S. 1987 Carbonic anhydrase of a unicellular red alga Porphyridium cruentum R-1. II. Distribution and role in photosynthesis. Plant Cell Physiol., 28, 1509-1516.
Keywords: anti-Porphyridium carbonic anhydrase antibody; carbonic anhydrase; immunogold electron microscopy; intracellular distribution; Porphyridium cruentum
Strain(s): 2138 

Aizawa, K., Nakamura, Y., Miyachi, S. 1985 Variation of phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity in Dunaliella associated with changes in atmospheric CO2 concentration. Plant Cell Physiol., 26, 1199-1203.
Keywords: carbonic anhydrase; Dunaliella; phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase; photosynthesis; Porphyridium
Strain(s): 2138 

Sakaguchi, T., Horikoshi, T., Nakajima, A. 1978 Uptake of uranium from seawater by microalgae. J. Ferm. Technol., 56, 561-565.
Strain(s): 2138213922122279 

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