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Strain(s): 32227 
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Strain(s): 38386118121 
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Keywords: 5.8S ribosomal RNA gene; Chlamydomonas
Strain(s): 446 
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Keywords: algal-bacterial association; bacteria; community composition; culture collection; microalgae
Strain(s): 329640864 
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Keywords: Chlorella vulgaris; algal-bacterial association; bacteria; co-cultivation; consortium
Strain(s): 227 
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Keywords: cell wall; chloroplast division; freeze-substitution; intermediate fibres; Pediastrum duplex; transmission electron microscopy
Strain(s): 212 
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Strain(s): 37 
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Strain(s): 2170 
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Strain(s): 1215145221235251 
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Strain(s): 4029 
PubMed: 20663212
DOI: 10.1186/1741-7007-8-103

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