Class Genus Species No. Strain No.
Prasinophyceae Bathycoccus 
Prasinophyceae Mamiella 
Prasinophyceae Mantoniella 
Prasinophyceae Micromonas 
Prasinophyceae Monomastix 
Prasinophyceae Ostreococcus 
Prasinophyceae Prasinoderma 
Prasinophyceae Pseudoscourfieldia 
Prasinophyceae Pterosperma 
Prasinophyceae Pycnococcus 
Prasinophyceae Pyramimonas  42 
Prasinophyceae Tetraselmis  14 
Prasinophyceae Unidentified coccoid prasinophyte 

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